Renee Stuart is an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) | America’s first Certified Personal Brand Strategist for Automotive Industry Professionals.

As a 30-year veteran of the car business, she has experienced unrivaled success while working in every department within a car dealership.

Always looking at the big-picture, Renee is able to harness the power of innovative thought and create inimitable ways to achieve progress.  She concentrates on her strengths for leverage when accelerating toward personal excellence. Her value for continuous growth has paved the way for her career reinvention.  Success has placed her in the driver seat; with a firm grip on the wheel, she’s positioned herself to drive others toward living a passion filled life.

Instinctively Renee is inventive, original and resourceful.  These core strengths help her cultivate strong and lasting relationship with her clients. She is driven with confidence, and has an inherent talent to recognize what make each person special.  Her can-do attitude, high energy, and the practice of honesty and trust have broadcasted her reputation as a take-charge leader in the business.

As a highly charge motivator, Renee is committed to helping car-people discover their inner expert.   As a coach she inspires her clients to dig deep to understand the value of their unique attributes, and learn innovative ways to monetize their business and community reputation.

Renee Stuart is a true car girl, and believes enthusiasm and confidence create greatness. By embracing her own unique qualities tuned for top performance, she has become fearless in her industry. Her vision is for all car people to enjoy the lap of luxury and experience the financial rewards of Reputation Revenue.  


"It pays to be recognizably unique"



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